Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Sacred space
this time and place
connected to the All

it is what preludes
a connection to the multitudes

Quagmire exists
Open up those fists
Allow in the Light and Love

Cherish the times
when all life rhymes
as poetry in your heart

Make no excuse
It’s time to let loose
and be all that you are

The crust of protection
you’ve placed in each direction
is blocking the Love and the Light

It is time for expansion
to unite with the transom
Expand and fracture that shell

And what will emerge
what you have tried to submerge
is a new you you’ll want to meet

Let sacred space
be your new home base
to nurture the birth of the new

Your newness discovered
a wholeness uncovered
allows you to spin like a ball

A ball or a sphere
catapults without fear
attracted to sources of Light

The photons are dancing
and our participation’s enhancing
creation from sacred space

Come dance with your Light
every cell of your site
and merge with the multitudes o’er

Envision the new
then come back to ensue
bringing form to what you have seen

Jingle the sounds
of all that abounds
magic enhancement of Light

Twist it and twirl it
Manage and swirl it
Love it and bring it to form

Form that is born
from sacred space

From sacred space
the old replace



gagi     TBL