A Meditation on Peace

Let us begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths as if breathing thru the area of the heart, closing our eyes, and going to that place of stillness and of silence. 

We invite you to continue this breathing practice as we share a selection of poetry focussing on our desire for peace… peace within ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, our world….

We will pause briefly between the poems…

Let There Be Peace

let there be peace
may it gently unfold
we all know we want it
it is prophesied, told

why must we wait
when it is here to behold
filling our hearts
with a light, white and gold

radiant beings
blessed from afar
shine now your light
ignite every star

don’t wait for the old
to replay the old script
imagine and be
the new, we’re equipped

embody the peace
feel the silent and still
let the love and the light
be the flow and the fill

gagi     03/04/14


let us understand that to have peace we must become peace….in our way of being and in our way of communicating….


peaceful meanderings
carried as a stream
weaving and wandering
feeling like a dream

softly exploring
flowing into the new
carrying with it
bits of memory too

creating new pathways
gently reshaped
opening new possibilities
every turn that it takes

then resting or puddling
into a pond or a lake
feeling into the passage
of a personal remake

gagi    02/13/15


let us continue with our peaceful, slow, deep breathing thru our hearts

Peacefully Blend

peacefully blend
expand out and spend
the wealth of our love
a share of our bread
the infinite abundance
woven as a thread
blending and weaving
all textures and colours
gifting our uniqueness
and receiving from others
the ultimate blend
of our best with the rest
creating a vintage
exquisite and rare
with the ability to multiply
expand out and share
a toast to the future
a toast to the Host
to peace and to joy
and to The All we love most

gagi    01/16/14


Forever the Peace

forever the peace
embracing it’s still
no need to forgive
as all judgement we quell

acceptance, allowing
seeking to know
others’ perspectives
ideas to sow

bridging the gaps
connecting all beings
sharing our lives
and all we are seeing
peace in our hearts
embracing the new
keeping the feelings
of love as we do

gagi     05/05/15


now a poem written earlier this year….

Peaceful Persuasions

peaceful persuasions accountable now
inward equations are showing us how
mesmerizing sequels to the expired
capturing newness that now inspires

what of the necessarily vibrant new forms?
what of the replacement of obsolete norms?
knowing our future has catapulted us here
back to bring balance from our past and our fear

peaceful persuasions arriving from the calm
expressed from the dominance of agreement
palm to palm
measurable progress into the new
compassionate ways to bring the suffering into view

fundamental oneness the actuary’s bond
defining the scriptures of the historical monde
removing distortions to justice and peace
anchoring the oneness, each doing their piece

gagi     02/08/18


and finally a prayer for the children being born into this world….

A Mother’s Prayer

A prayer for you
A prayer for our child
Carried within
Soon to be born to the wild

No longer contained
A world to explore
An innocent being
Full of wisdom and more

The Love that you bring
to this world at this time
has the ability to dissolve
all the strife and the crime

Our prayer for you
as you enter our world
is that Peace also births
like a fetus uncurled

And may Love and may Peace
mature over time
growing with you
as you crawl and then climb

And when you can stand
alone and with strength
may Love and may Peace
reach the width and the length

of not only this world
but every dimension and star
For Peace and Love to contain you
it must reach infinitely far

gagi    12/24/13

and now we invite  you to gently come back into your surroundings having  shared in this conscious connection to peace….