Field of Awareness

Field of Awareness
bountiful energies
movement and form
surroundings and castings
about to be born
memory networks
their banks and access
filtered only by life’s purpose
seeking more and not less
attuning to what’s present
all senses alert
our fields of awareness
are no longer inert
gagi     08/18/22

The Seasons

The Seasons
our day has begun
with the distant light of the sun
there is seasonal variance
to this presence of light
our north and south poles
can sometimes spin in pure darkness
except for the starlight
and reflected light from the moon
when at our equator
the seasons shift only slightly
influenced more by ocean currents
and the weathers that flow thru
the sun’s presence is a metaphor
for our light and our power
reminding us to honour our seasons
even hour by hour
resting into our still winters
and taking those breaks
other times while in balance
allowing movement around us
staying steady and harmonized
light-beings of love and pure light
gagi     08/17/22 & 08/18/22


once to live vicariously
meant to act on behalf of another
as we awaken into oneness
what does the word vicarious cover?
in oneness we experience
the feelings and wholeness of others
no separation – it is as if they were ourselves
a sensory merging has taken place
and our whole beingness swells
the ego has melted
the physical presence once exalted
now a precious vehicle for this soul journey
to bring action towards change
gagi     08/17/22