Corporate Soul

Corporate Soul
at this time the very soul of a corporation
will require some deep internal exploration
examine the maturity of the corporation’s simple essence
is it at the stage of a budding  pre-pubescence?
has it matured in awareness of its role in society?
is it readying to step forth out of a place of notoriety?
what transformations are about to occur
when the mind of the corporation starts to mature?
the ability to reproduce and spawn its new form
will be of the essence of the new world to be born
development of values readied to sustain
the coming of the new, a preliminary reframe
gagi     11/05/22


cap a city
hold its growth
repair its structure
and beauty both
allow surroundings
to stay intact
forests, farmlands
part of the pact
go internal
savour its flavour
preserved and honoured
loved and safer
gagi     10/31/22

Question Period

Question Period
we are often given the opportunity
to question the powers that be
questions many times voiced
very publicly
as we clear what’s not working
calling attention to the obsolete
we stand in our power
as with clarity we speak
confrontational at times
but so often more
we when we speak from the heart
our truth knows how to bore
into the hearts of others
gagi     10/23/22