Our Nation

Our Nation

the roots of a nation
let us call it the Earth
seen from the Moon
a new perspective was birthed

this beautiful sphere
cloaked in water and land
had no divisions, no borders
drawn in the sand

there was freedom to flow
from one pole to another
the only restrictions might be
the seasons or weather

how can we ever
control lives’ migration
now we understand the whole Earth
is our home and our nation?

gagi     08/19/23

The Bishop of Canterbury

The Bishop of Canterbury

what is it that brought this title into awareness?
what in a lifetime required such preparedness
to serve in this way?

with access to history we can search and discover
accomplishments, life events accumulated by another
in their personal journey 

it is worth a good read and if done we uncover
the current bishop, an archbishop, has been like no other
his contributions are vast

perhaps we are to track
his journey from the past
to understand what has been cast
into his periphery

gagi     08/11/23


let us harness the Power of Love
this awareness has been growing the last few days
 a clear vision is emerging from the evaporating haze
and a question…how do we feel love?
we all feel love differently, sometimes hard to describe
a great diversity is present that we can intentionally combine
play with, interweave with a new-purpose design
designed to help those who are suffering
rising one morning into the cold from the night
a candle was lit and a blanket wrapped tight
into a practice of meditation and prayer
then to receive information, guidance
from the multitudinal sayer
the one voice
from the presence of love that arises from this practice
there is felt such great warmth and the body relaxes
blanket is shed and the heart is warmed up for the day
ready to share the warmth of love where it may
igniting the Way
let us be love and harness this power of love
sharing the warmth with those suffering
the power of love cannot be corrupted
even the cycle of war can be interrupted
by sharing our warmth
we are positioned to be what we feel and we see
all senses engaged to love those who are caged by controllers
cage worms we can be – invisible to the cagers
able to penetrate the cages and become the engagers
spinning the fabric of love
warming the caged souls
releasing the strength that they hold
so they may embody their desire to live strong and free
released from their suffering and able to be
throughout the day please join in and play
global in-flooding, an out-pouring of love
intentionally directed to those we know of
those who are suffering from the loss of the simple comfort
of being warm and caring for those who are with them
may those suffering be simply open to receive
for this is a gift that we more than believe
we know we can conquer the misdeeds of others
enveloping those who are suffering – as our sisters and brothers
humanity in its oneness
maturing into its wholeness
the answer is LOVE
gagi     12/28/22