From the Heart

From the Heart
when we let the mind lead
so much can intercede
questions, comparisons
even to a western perspective
of someone american
the ego wants to reign
to control and refrain
from letting our feelings be real
wanting our sensory radar only to conceal
our very existence
when we lead from the heart
there are no distinctions
all are loved and acknowledged
there is a great inter-mixing
true to our oneness
the wholeness
of a humanity
gagi     08/12/22

Internal Contemplations

Internal Contemplations

the story unfolds with the journey within
having the space to begin, re-begin
the potentials, the possibilities
the opportunities given
so many choices before a decision
and with so much movement
and change swirling ‘round us
what would happen if we didn’t
make choices, decisions
and surrendered instead
to do what we are bidden
even if the understanding
at that moment is hidden?
when we’re in the flow
we are swept to where we are to go
life purpose attractions
multiple interactions
and then taking actions
for the benefit of all
gagi     08/10/22

Partial Triangulation

Partial Triangulation
partial triangulation
is an important part of creation
in its simplicity
three dots in a line
we see all the time
but can also be placed in a triangle
now creating a space
the infinite is held
within boundaries
now that is a thought
one we’ve always bought
now no longer
the infinite can never be confined
and we must never be confined
from our infinite possibilities
gagi     08/08/22