Science Marries Spirituality

Science Marries Spirituality
we have arrived into understanding
what has been hidden before
the science is proving
others have been here before
and humanity has the opportunity
to respond in a new way
our emotions, our abilities
are to show us The Way
to our full potential
we have been attracted back
into a spiritual seeking
to define who we are
divinity can be defined as
the ability to transcend
the limitations of what
we have previously thought
as the truth
gagi     03/27/23
in gratitude to the work of Gregg Braden & Nassim Haramein

Portal to Peace

Portal to Peace
the sentries are standing to hold open the door
a multi-dimensional access not open to us before
the research, the history that has been discovered
is giving us access to all as potentiality lovers
how to find peace, to have all conflict cease
how to care for all life and our planet
how to preserve and not waste,  ask questions, give space
to the inflow of multi-dimensional sharing
let us behold the new ways
find our path out of the maze
and become by being not doing
love is the key
what i do for you is also for me
we are one and the sum
of potentiality
gagi     03/27/23


ceriferous in botany
relates to bearing or producing wax
why has this word appeared today?
we can explore it perhaps
let us plant this seed
this relationship we have
to the Moon
the moon’s many phases
influence all on Earth
and after she disappears
she has a rebirth
she waxes
into her fullness
humanity’s dream
does it not seem?
is to wax into our fullness
and become our potential
whatever that means
waiting to be screened
as multi-dimensional
gagi     03/26/23