once to live vicariously
meant to act on behalf of another
as we awaken into oneness
what does the word vicarious cover?
in oneness we experience
the feelings and wholeness of others
no separation – it is as if they were ourselves
a sensory merging has taken place
and our whole beingness swells
the ego has melted
the physical presence once exalted
now a precious vehicle for this soul journey
to bring action towards change
gagi     08/17/22

From the Heart

From the Heart
when we let the mind lead
so much can intercede
questions, comparisons
even to a western perspective
of someone american
the ego wants to reign
to control and refrain
from letting our feelings be real
wanting our sensory radar only to conceal
our very existence
when we lead from the heart
there are no distinctions
all are loved and acknowledged
there is a great inter-mixing
true to our oneness
the wholeness
of a humanity
gagi     08/12/22

Partial Arts

Partial Arts
partial arts
the arts of protection
symbolic, meaningful
and giving direction
when partial to
one choice over another
we employ our sensory arts
so all bases are covered
feeling and seeing
all aspects and perspectives
we are prepared to act
from a sensory directive
a choice may feel easy, natural
maybe too new to know
it might represent risk, an old pattern
or just the wrong way to go
when the knowing is instant
no hesitation exists
it is a guided decision
and its aliveness persists
gagi     08/11/22 & 08/12/22