Partial Arts

Partial Arts
partial arts
the arts of protection
symbolic, meaningful
and giving direction
when partial to
one choice over another
we employ our sensory arts
so all bases are covered
feeling and seeing
all aspects and perspectives
we are prepared to act
from a sensory directive
a choice may feel easy, natural
maybe too new to know
it might represent risk, an old pattern
or just the wrong way to go
when the knowing is instant
no hesitation exists
it is a guided decision
and its aliveness persists
gagi     08/11/22 & 08/12/22

Passages of Time

Passages of Time 
envelopes posted
marked with a date
the urgency to finish
so we won’t be late
with the chime of the town clock
time is denoted
trains arriving, buses leaving
being punctual is promoted
what we experience
aging thru time
influences our beliefs
and to what we align
out of curiousity now
what will happen to us
if we step out of time
and the pressure and fuss?
now we are ageless
with access to all
past, present and future
all wound up in a ball
anyone want to play ball?
gagi     08/04/22

No Time, No Space

No Time, No Space
the road to awareness
the path to wholeness
arriving at mastery
being as one
contemplative imaginings
exploration of self
encoding, recoding
augmenting our wealth
reaching that place
by going within
no space and no time
nowhere to end or begin
and yet there is movement
of all the surround
some can even see it
we are in the around
we are in the surround sound
the realm of creation
holding us, accessible
our new re/creation
gagi     08/03/22