step out of space
empty the carrier
listen to the surround sound
dissolve any barrier
engage the timelines
travel to the future
allowing dream visions
to be our creative tutor
what we can dream
becomes our reality
once we believe
in the vision’s totality
a dream vision’s own wholeness
reframes our reality
with its diversity, abundance
held in its plurality
gagi     11/26/22

Expansion Begins

Expansion Begins
have we noticed a change
in how we’re rearranged
how we used to align
by breathing a line
from below to above
above to below
thru our core
in deep meditation
we may start this way
from the heart of the Earth
to the Heavens above
feeling the energies flow internally
the shift may now be
we are in our entirety
within the flow
like in a tubular glow
we are part of it
in our wholeness
gagi     11/21/22

Right Relation

Right Relation
inwards and outwards
the pulse of these times
fragmented memories
releasing old designs
an emptiness is felt
a space for creation
a yearning to discover
how to be in right relation
relationship between selves
relationship to Earth
relationship to Creator
and with this place of rebirth
a time past reflection
a shedding of the skin
a morphing into newness
let this new world begin
gagi     11/21/22