Technology Assumed

Technology Assumed
we take on technology
some with ease, some cannot change
our ways of living speeding up
our ways of doing rearranged
technologically advanced
but what have we created?
it is a loss of the natural
that cannot be antiquated
let us not assume
let us put to the test
what we have that does not serve
let us review and digest
let us support beauty and life
to end suffering and strife
let us repurpose with the latest
that application of scientific knowledge
engineering our new world
building the beautiful new
with the technology of love
as below, as above
gagi     11/16/22


lost in the process of classification
defining a word that needs explanation
expanding into the field of chemistry
and the natural/unnatural forms of bio-mystery
water is a monomer in its simplest form
when as a gas it does not need to conform
cooled to a liquid, influenced by its neighbours
it now has complications and different behaviours
these mysteries of chemistry will help to discern
how a heated up planet and her waters will learn
learn to adjust, learn to compensate
and how all of life will still inter-relate
gagi     11/11/22


cap a city
hold its growth
repair its structure
and beauty both
allow surroundings
to stay intact
forests, farmlands
part of the pact
go internal
savour its flavour
preserved and honoured
loved and safer
gagi     10/31/22