Spacial Performances

Spacial Performances

spacial performances
of everlasting light
highlighting the imagery
that comes thru the night

it takes the darkness
the emptiness and no sound
to invite in the beauty
of the joyous inbound

gagi     06/20/24



nothing is foreign
we are all of the same
aspects of creation
no need for a name

no borders exist
when Earth is seen from afar
and humanity’s Oneness
is simply life as we are

we are life
on an evolutionary spiral to amaze
where separation is no longer
it was simply a phase

gagi     06/19/24



the ebb of the night into the day
all we have witnessed
now held at bay

we felt we understood
and the path was clear ahead
now so much is emerging
compressed time cannot be fed

the spiral, a task of completing the old
is now paused to ask ourselves
where can we personally change
to be the free and the bold?

the information age
has gifted the answers
we know the steps
we are the dancers

we must stop and desist
all that is out of integrity
old patterns replaced
with stillness and grace

we are the future
of the whole human race
allow the confusion
in all its profusion

it has a purpose it seems
to erase the illusion
of being separate personas
we truly are the sum
achieving a Oneness
as a new era has begun

gagi      06/17/24