Merging with the Motherland

Merging with the Motherland

we are emerging from the darkness
of not knowing our roots
we’ve been lost in our growing
and seeking the fruits
of acquisition and singularity

it is a time of merging
with our Mother the Earth
for all life that resides here
she heralds their birth
 nurturing each lifetime that is lived

to breathe of the air swathed in atmospheric wonders
to cherish the waters that be
to bask in the fire-light of the sun and the stars
to walk on the lands and be free
we are now walking aware lovingly

gagi     09/10/23



many right now have had their whole worlds erased
the fires, the floods, earthquakes have laid waste
and from all this suffering emerges its gift
humanity is responding
there is a shift

so interwoven with communication assemblies
we know we are experiencing a time of extremities
extremes in our temperatures, weather and suffering
there is only one solution and that’s what we’re offering

coming together
we are in this together
sharing our abundance
sharing our care
wherever there is suffering
we are also there

desperation comforted by our very presence
thru meditation and prayer we combine our true essence
the essence of love

guidance received from within and above
we evolve thru our contributions and expressions of love
we respond to our calling to care for each other
and to our host parent
our precious Earth Mother

gagi     08/28/23

Journey into Otherhood

Journey into Otherhood

from motherhood
from fatherhood
we enter into the otherhood

from the state of being
a mother or father
we restate ourselves as being
the other
another encompassing all

the state of being
masculine and feminine
student and teacher
leader and collaborator
a new state of wholeness

readied to step back and observe
or act from our knowingness reserve
able to love and preserve
for the greatest good as we serve
and able to lay rest
that which is no longer the best
as we co-create the new
from otherhood

gagi     08/26/23