eruptions on Earth
can signify a rebirth
especially from the depths
of the oceans
as humans we know
passions held within grow
until there is an eruption
of emotions
once the held-back is released
the pressures have ceased
with a return to calm
and stability
gagi     11/29/22

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening
with a great awakening
we can now see
we have all the ingredients
to totally be
the women are embodying
the great motherhood
the men are bringing a gentleness
into the strength where they’ve stood
and a return to nature
an honouring of Mother Earth
feeling our oneness
a new world we’ll birth
gagi     10/19/22

Property of NoOne

Property of NoOne
i am the property of NoOne
brought into form, i was born
by the grace of Father Sky and Mother Earth
we were all birthed
we celebrate our beginnings
and Their beginnings
and in our individuated uniqueness
we answer the call
we are not owned
we are not cloned
i am a specialized me
expanding and free
to be love
gagi     10/13/22