The Concept of Love

The Concept of Love
love is our reality
love is our abundance
love exists as it is
with no separation or redundance
we are born into love
activated heart to heart
ours to nurture and grow
from that first divine spark
no need to define
knowing its very presence is healing
love knows how to flow to where there is lack
for love communicates thru feeling
gagi     11/26/22

Expansion Begins

Expansion Begins
have we noticed a change
in how we’re rearranged
how we used to align
by breathing a line
from below to above
above to below
thru our core
in deep meditation
we may start this way
from the heart of the Earth
to the Heavens above
feeling the energies flow internally
the shift may now be
we are in our entirety
within the flow
like in a tubular glow
we are part of it
in our wholeness
gagi     11/21/22

Forgive Us Our Thoughts

Forgive Us our Thoughts
forgive us our thoughts
those acumen stories
those detailed imaginings
mined from the quarries
of the mind
be thus aware of what comes from the mined
and leave it in the ground
return to the heart
always the point to restart
by feeling
heart-based, home-based
direction given always graced
by our ability to receive
receiving guidance thru
heart connections
gagi     11/19/22