From the Heart

From the Heart
when we let the mind lead
so much can intercede
questions, comparisons
even to a western perspective
of someone american
the ego wants to reign
to control and refrain
from letting our feelings be real
wanting our sensory radar only to conceal
our very existence
when we lead from the heart
there are no distinctions
all are loved and acknowledged
there is a great inter-mixing
true to our oneness
the wholeness
of a humanity
gagi     08/12/22

Abandon Impermanence

Abandon Impermanence
abandon impermanence
slip into the flow
space, time and matter
released as we go
forever the journey
destination matters not
discovering and experiencing
what the awakened heart has sought
gagi     08/01/22

Summary of Codes

Summary of Codes
immersed in the evermore
magnified at the core
changed within
paper thin
pages of codes were written
design counts
expansion permitted
readied for activation
waiting now
to be shown how
to maximize co-creation
just one final code
about to be dated
a universal equation
and a sense of elation
as chakra points realign
with a new sensuous line
beyond heart and mind
we are no longer confined
by a rigid spine
but flexible and strong
feeling we belong
as part of the song
and the celestial choir
gagi     07/30/22