Joyful Meanderings

Joyful Meanderings
the road to happiness
can be reflected from within
stop-offs of joyfulness
permanently marked
by that smile of remembrance
of where we’d stopped off and parked
gagi     07/21/22

Sapphire Portals

Sapphire Portals
the passage to timelessness
exists from within
thru emptying out
so as to begin
prepared to let go
of all but the love
and wanting to serve
create and be love
readied in stillness
we soon hear the beyond
our alignment with Creator
is our sacred bond
we breathe in the perpetuity
of feeling the divine
and expand into emptiness
as we align thru the spine
the sapphire portals
open to allow
the flow of divinity
showing us how
to simply be
in the now
as love
gagi     07/10/22


what is perfection?
a place of no correction?
something to strive for
or simply that which is?
contemplating perfection
we are aware of not wanting to judge
there seems to be a purpose to everything
no need to nudge
let all be
soon we will see
the purpose and perfection
gagi     07/08/22