Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace
a mantra for peace
for healing, forgiveness
to let go and release
and renew from the quick
spacial awareness
a sense of the beyond
spherical expansion
pure existence has yawned
having then
let out a sigh
enveloping love
and shining on high
expanded beyond all before
no limits exist for we are the sky
gagi     03/10/23

Three X Six

Three X Six
three times six
the perfecting of centering
from that still point within
feel the planes of alignment
six directions
repeat three times
and before you know it
you are now aligned
readied to receive
gagi     02/06/23

As a Tree

As a Tree
thru a guided meditation
i became a tree
i remember the street i lived on
and all that i could see
my limbs branched out
far across the street
i watched the comings and goings
and sometimes waved to greet
i was so much taller
than those who moved below
would their awareness be as expansive
if they were able to grow?
gagi     01/31/23