Like a Walking Tree

Like a Walking Tree
my feet are firmly rooted into the Earth below
giving me stability and the ability to grow
these roots can pass thru anything
they move as i move too
i am like a walking tree
from the pivot point of each foot
as when rising up to stretch and look
there is also a tap root that extends to
the very core of the Earth
these roots tap into her core energies
to feed, nourish, sustain and grow
my personal tree of life
walking consciously each day
strengthens the interplay
of this Mother
and Child
gagi     11/18/22

Technology Assumed

Technology Assumed
we take on technology
some with ease, some cannot change
our ways of living speeding up
our ways of doing rearranged
technologically advanced
but what have we created?
it is a loss of the natural
that cannot be antiquated
let us not assume
let us put to the test
what we have that does not serve
let us review and digest
let us support beauty and life
to end suffering and strife
let us repurpose with the latest
that application of scientific knowledge
engineering our new world
building the beautiful new
with the technology of love
as below, as above
gagi     11/16/22


prejudice is a term
a term we did learn
when we forgot to just witness
and then to discern
the freedom of the observer
is to see and inquire
what does another
hold in their inpire
our inner resources
and outer expression
is owning our oneness
with no influencing transgression
to judge another
gagi     11/10/22