once to live vicariously
meant to act on behalf of another
as we awaken into oneness
what does the word vicarious cover?
in oneness we experience
the feelings and wholeness of others
no separation – it is as if they were ourselves
a sensory merging has taken place
and our whole beingness swells
the ego has melted
the physical presence once exalted
now a precious vehicle for this soul journey
to bring action towards change
gagi     08/17/22

Trust, Understanding and Knowing

Trust, Understanding and Knowing
trust, understanding and knowing
or is it knowing, understanding and trust
which comes first, what sequence
and is it important?
is trust built on our feelings
our experiences, consistencies?
do we own our beliefs, what we trust?
or is it something we have been told to believe?
is our understanding something permanent
unchanging, what we have learnt?
or is it always changing, being influenced
by new perspectives?
and that sense of knowingness
where does it come from?
is it truly ours
or something being substantiated
by a greater presence?
gagi     08/10/22

Internal Contemplations

Internal Contemplations

the story unfolds with the journey within
having the space to begin, re-begin
the potentials, the possibilities
the opportunities given
so many choices before a decision
and with so much movement
and change swirling ‘round us
what would happen if we didn’t
make choices, decisions
and surrendered instead
to do what we are bidden
even if the understanding
at that moment is hidden?
when we’re in the flow
we are swept to where we are to go
life purpose attractions
multiple interactions
and then taking actions
for the benefit of all
gagi     08/10/22