Do What You Want

Do What You Want

the precious advice
came as an answer
what shall i do?
how may i serve?

told all we pray to
asking for guidance
is held within
so take this in

and do what you want
you have received all the lessons
now is the time to explore what you want
and live it

gagi     12/01/23

Inner Voice

Inner Voice

the solution’s so easy
but there might be a hitch
sometimes a change is irreversible
once we have flicked the switch

what are the risks?
what spin off might there be?
what could be the repercussions?
that from here we cannot see?

yet somewhere deep within
we know it to be our choice
and we have learnt to listen
and trust that inner voice

gagi     11/27/23

Quantum Copernicus

Quantum Copernicus

so many theories, perspectives abound
until research proves differently
old beliefs will feel sound

15 centuries ago it was commonly thought
all revolved around the Earth
until Copernicus taught
the Sun was the centre
of the solar system

perhaps a metaphor now
how so many think how
their world revolves around who they are
what they have, do, achieve
yet it’s so obvious to see
there is a change in what we believe

we are blessed with this life
our time here on Earth
we wanted to come
and be here for the birth
of a new Humanity

back to the beginning
birthed from pure Love
forgotten, corrupted, a journey thereof
awareness and learning
one step of at a time
faced a steep climb

we are nearing the peak
we are excited to know
just how immense the result
how our efforts will show
how we returned to being Love
how we all knew how to grow

what will be the view
once arrived?

gagi     11/25/23