Inspired by Love

Inspired by Love
in the very depths of the overwhelm
we see in others
exhaustion, confusion can take its toll
it is here we always have the opportunity
to shine our love and radiant light
upon their day
for it is love that reminds a lonely soul
that they are supported and cared for by others too
and in that moment that they receive the gift that’s given
their journey shifts and they become inspired by love
gagi     06/30/22

To Be Content

To Be Content
peppered with uncertainty
if we allow it
aware there hoovers still
the past beliefs
focus on the beauty
that is so present
reflecting back our love and joy
we are content
gagi     06/30/22

Platitudinal Success

Platitudinal Success
words too often used
expressions stale-mated
now embedded in our timeline
let them go and know
they have had their say
as they bow out we’ll pray
for new successes
and how each addresses
living as love
gagi     06/29/22