Treasured Consequences

Treasured Consequences
to work on ourselves
to discover who we are
we are propelled thru many lifetimes
drawing from the akashic well
the well waters hold the memories
of each lifetime as we’re rebirthed
treasured discoveries are illuminated
and carried forth as we still search
we become the consequences
as we seek to be more
rooted on Mother Earth then
returned to the Heavens as before
gagi     02/23/23


awakening to sound
the breathing of nature
the bubbling of a stream
the chorus of birds, joyous
as they greet this new day
a chirp
then a whole symphony
sound etched
on a canvas of stillness
and the pervasive beyond
i too am awake
i too am alive
here to listen and see
blessed be
gagi     02/17/23

Behold the Sacred

Behold the Sacred
behold the sacred
that which is revered
observe the protected
that to which we’re endeared
the laughter of a child
the wise look of an elder
the reflection off water
the comfort of a shelter
the simplest of things
that touch the heart and are felt
the wonder of existence
into the All as we meld
into a Oneness
we give thanks
gagi     02/15/23