water waves
waves of sound
waving branches
observing waves inbound

feeling waves
waves of emotion
waves of high frequencies
waves of our love and devotion

and in between
the waves we observe

quiet and stillness is  present

it is there to preserve
strength by pausing

gagi     09/22/23

Mermaid Memories

Mermaid Memories

the joy of being a mermaid
swimming down, down, down
and touching the bottom

quick flips of the tail
propelled quickly upwards
breaking the surface
straight into the air

crashing down
and simply floating

a metaphor perhaps
energetically touching the heart of the Earth
propelled with her energies to the heavens above
then simply floating
living on the horizon
that space in between

gagi     09/12/23

Merging with the Motherland

Merging with the Motherland

we are emerging from the darkness
of not knowing our roots
we’ve been lost in our growing
and seeking the fruits
of acquisition and singularity

it is a time of merging
with our Mother the Earth
for all life that resides here
she heralds their birth
 nurturing each lifetime that is lived

to breathe of the air swathed in atmospheric wonders
to cherish the waters that be
to bask in the fire-light of the sun and the stars
to walk on the lands and be free
we are now walking aware lovingly

gagi     09/10/23