The More

The More

we have never been here before
so we may ask
what more can we be doing
to achieve our dreams of peace

of balance, of happiness?

just look at those words
“what more can we be doing”
this is a time for being
being the very vision we hold
peaceful, balanced and happy

this can be a huge shift
a level of consciousness
that influences all our choices
a centering in the heart
and a quieting of the mind

the more we be
the more we become
there is a force of oneness
pray come be as one
and the wave we create
will eliminate
all that is out of integrity

gagi     03/23/23

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace
a mantra for peace
for healing, forgiveness
to let go and release
and renew from the quick
spacial awareness
a sense of the beyond
spherical expansion
pure existence has yawned
having then
let out a sigh
enveloping love
and shining on high
expanded beyond all before
no limits exist for we are the sky
gagi     03/10/23

The Catalyst Within

The Catalyst Within
a presence
a knowing
a conductor of life
a feeling of belonging
to a crop that is ripe
ripe for the harvest
maybe not all at once
but a steady maturing
of love on all fronts
the tree of life
is always producing
fruit that will seed
a way of reducing
reducing all suffering
conflict and divisions
as we grow and mature
we become our decisions
let us be love
gagi     02/15/23