A Life and Legacy

A Life and Legacy

that silver lining
to the fearless and bold
ready to stand for
the truth that was untold

now an inspiration
to never give up
we all make a difference
holding hope in our Cup*

gagi     02/18/24

*as in the Eucharist
a poem dedicated to the life & legacy of Alexei Navalny

Proximal Conditioning

Proximal Conditioning

on the Earth plane
we become comfortable with
that which is close to us
the familiar

both paraxial and proximal
relate to what is alongside
and what is centred within
awareness is key

our conditioning
requires constant repositioning
working in refinement
constant realignment

within all that is
be aware of the saying
familiarity breeds contempt
as in the biblical translation

“A prophet is not without honour,” He said, “except in his hometown and in his own household” … where who we have been known as, as a close           associate, often blocks the recognition/acceptance of who we have become

gagi     09/28/23

translation from Gospel of Mark 6:1-6  & also from Mathew 13:55-57

Messages to Humanity

Messages to Humanity

right now
we are faced with extremes
temperatures, flooding, drought, hurricanes
records being broken, no normal in-betweens

have we
been the cause
or does history show us
biblical floods and ice ages
whole areas of deforestation?
it matters not as we are aware of the stages
life is threatened on Earth

the difference is now
we have more options
we need not surrender to the progression
to the destruction of habitat and life
we are now the co-creators
with the power to steer
into the outcomes
we want to hear

our experience, our skills
our consumption of knowledge
our access to the observations
of our multi-dimensional college
access to the records held from the past
need not be important for their impact can’t last

as we design the new
the new is being birthed
thru our intentional collaboration
communication, creativity, thinking outside the box
building new structures, new networks defined
creating new records, new ways designed
answers to our questions
now taking form

we are the parents
of the new world being born

gagi     08/19/23