A Metaphor for Life

A Metaphor for Life
we have our patterns
we have our habits
we like to challenge ourselves
but there is movement
imagine swimming a set number
of lengths in a pool
and going for a time record
but unknown to you…
there is slow movement
the length of the pool can be changed
by sliding a divider to even
make 2 pools out of one
not looking up it takes a while
to recognize the game is up
you can’t win it
there is the gift
when movement creates change
we can change to acceptance
drop our personal goals
and simply enjoy
the fun of swimming
gagi     11/21/21

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies
to a child who loves cookies
the size matters
the bigger the better
yet there is always a limit
a child may learn to share
by sharing her cookies
a child may learn preferences
or what is too much, too sweet
monster cookies are not for monsters
but for those who feel size matters
cookie lessons are contained
in every morsel, in every bite
gagi     11/21/21

Like a Walking Tree

Like a Walking Tree
my feet are firmly rooted into the Earth below
giving me stability and the ability to grow
these roots can pass thru anything
they move as i move too
i am like a walking tree
from the pivot point of each foot
as when rising up to stretch and look
there is also a tap root that extends to
the very core of the Earth
these roots tap into her core energies
to feed, nourish, sustain and grow
my personal tree of life
walking consciously each day
strengthens the interplay
of this Mother
and Child
gagi     11/18/22