Pastures of Plenty

Pastures of Plenty

the fields of aware
are opening to share
their potential for growing
what we are wanting and knowing

these pastures of plenty
will never be empty
growing the love
pure abundance

gagi     12’10/23

People of Israel

People of Israel

people of Israel wake up your hearts
your government is leading, yet you are responsible
for every life taken is one you have forsaken
each child, each mother, each grandparent gone
some other is crying, totally forlorn
a loss of such beauty that has been torn
out of the holy lands that you have forsaken
you are responsible for each life that is taken

the Earth is our Mother
the land to be shared
no one owns the privilege
and yet you have dared
to say you are more important
than others who have lived
we pray that those suffering will somehow forgive
and that you will bring peace to the land of the holy
where peace was the treasure and was measured solely
by how we cared for life, precious life
and how we were love and were loved

let us pray
and not waste an hour, a day
there is no room for revenge

the most powerful weapon in war
goes right to the core
it is love
love cannot be destroyed
and love cannot destroy life
it destroys hate
it replaces fear
let us rejoice in a season that’s near
and together usher in
Peace on Earth

gagi     12/09/23

Gently Disarmed

Gently Disarmed

gently, lightly
in a soft and tender manner
we now dismantle the remainder
of our tools of conflict and harm

even those layers of protection
especially to our hearts that are so precious
we peel away the layers allowing
our receiving of the New

the dominance of love
in every communication
in every thought we think
in every act or demonstration

love is our power
our power to overcome
to right the wrong and the suffering
thru our efforts all will be done

let us be love

gagi      12/07/23