Portal to Peace

Portal to Peace
the sentries are standing to hold open the door
a multi-dimensional access not open to us before
the research, the history that has been discovered
is giving us access to all as potentiality lovers
how to find peace, to have all conflict cease
how to care for all life and our planet
how to preserve and not waste,  ask questions, give space
to the inflow of multi-dimensional sharing
let us behold the new ways
find our path out of the maze
and become by being not doing
love is the key
what i do for you is also for me
we are one and the sum
of potentiality
gagi     03/27/23


Tomara becomes
the expression of One
her many aspects of being
the congressional sum
of all that is
her role is to listen
to fore-share a decision
that sets the gyrometer
to the direction for change
let our voices be heard
we are being observed
we are all connected
our ways of being prospected
our hearts and our minds
are being felt and are mined
may it be our love that they find
to set the direction for becoming
gagi     03/26/23

The Dancer

The Dancer
the dancer awakens
from dreaming his dream
he has danced in the air
freedom his theme
the wind has carried him
with with rhythm and sound
his movement responded
he loves what he’s found
his partner still sleeps
her face expressive, serene
he pulls her close
and returns to where he has been
back to their oneness
to be held and let go
to be as one or as mirrors
they dance in the flow
gagi     03/25/23