eruptions on Earth
can signify a rebirth
especially from the depths
of the oceans
as humans we know
passions held within grow
until there is an eruption
of emotions
once the held-back is released
the pressures have ceased
with a return to calm
and stability
gagi     11/29/22

Danger Zones

Danger Zones
sometimes it is new
or a truth we undo
we are suddenly alert
and need to convert
from fear to curiousity
asking the questions
setting aside pre-conceptions
careful not to make stories
or assign categories
as we seek to understand
gagi     11/27/22


be it simple or profound
experiential or inbound
like degrees of the formation of sound
we notice similarities
based on recognized markers
or familiarities
no need to compare
but simply notice what’s there
present or incoming
part of the becoming
one star in the night
shining our love and our light
forever more
gagi     11/27/22