The More

The More

we have never been here before
so we may ask
what more can we be doing
to achieve our dreams of peace

of balance, of happiness?

just look at those words
“what more can we be doing”
this is a time for being
being the very vision we hold
peaceful, balanced and happy

this can be a huge shift
a level of consciousness
that influences all our choices
a centering in the heart
and a quieting of the mind

the more we be
the more we become
there is a force of oneness
pray come be as one
and the wave we create
will eliminate
all that is out of integrity

gagi     03/23/23


there is an escalation in speed
the speed of coming together
the attraction a common goal
a goal for peace
an intent to release
all that no longer serves
we are determined
we have arrived at a critical junction
a choice point to survive and to thrive
we are returning to the hive
busy, working for the good of all
and enjoying the flowers
every day
gagi     03/23/23

White Eagle is Present

White Eagle is Present
g         White Eagle – welcome to my waking time
we     i have flown in from a continuous time
g         i recognize the sound when you are present
we     a signature that is recognized by those wanting to converse
g        thank you – may we share some verse?
we    you are expanding from the time you have known
          you are slowly adapting into what you have grown
          there are times of exhaustion – of overwhelm too
          but you are accepting by learning and by not having to do
g       this is so true – a difficult lesson but it is now my default to go to
         as soon as there is a feeling of too much to do
         there is a remembrance – we are not in charge of the timing of things
         and so surrender into allowing all that must first come into alignment
we   every role is important as part of the whole
         humanity is so near now to reaching their goal
         awakening their hearts in service to creation
         working together and strengthening their relation
         to love
g      can we do anything more to help others to know
         we are all responsible for the future we grow
         our gift to the children and to Earth as our mother
         what areas of awareness can you help us uncover?
we   cherish the newness in every day that you live
         and your sharing in the physical is the gift you can give
         the love and the light that radiates from within
         opens others hearts and from there they will begin
         to question their own purpose and how they can engage
         aligning with others in this transformational stage
         participating in the creation of your new world
         gagi     03/21/23