Come Home

Come Home

come home to that peaceful place within
a gentle space
protected from the chaos that storms out there

come home to your personal abode
to the pause mode
to rest, repair and then to prepare
for our continued journey

gagi     09/14/23

The Wallet is Opened

The Wallet is Opened

a wallet was found
it looked very new
perhaps it was dropped
maybe inside there’s a clue

we opened the wallet
and found it was full
it belonged to humanity
and there was a pull

a pull on our hearts
what could we feel?
perhaps it represented
paying for everyone’s next meal

the symbolism held
before the wallet disappeared
was profound with its message
in a new direction we were steered

the abundance is here
communication is all around
let us share all that we have
love and joy will abound

a peaceful presence will arrive
humanity will thrive
a dream vision united
with possibilities

gagi     09/04/23



proceeding to disclose
what we have known all along
somewhere greater than where we reside here
is where we come from and belong

glimpses of the matrix
dreams of the shared
memories of the peacefulness
we are being prepared

as humanity reaches
the point of fully maturing
 loving of all our relations
will dissolve all separation

acknowledging all our relations
to our earth, air, water and yes fire
the elementals are acknowledged
and we are inspired

to love ourselves, our relationships
life itself
we are destined to live in wholeness
by knowing the wealth
of our spiritual commonalities
welcomed into the beyond

gagi     08/30/23