eruptions on Earth
can signify a rebirth
especially from the depths
of the oceans
as humans we know
passions held within grow
until there is an eruption
of emotions
once the held-back is released
the pressures have ceased
with a return to calm
and stability
gagi     11/29/22

Waging Peace

Waging Peace
when invited in to engage in a battle
we cannot let anything rattle
our purpose in life
let us wage peace
that all suffering may cease
our tools of containment
are not about restrainment
but of walking aware
with loving kindness and care
feeling the frequencies
allowing the emergent seas
to absorb and transform
so the new can be born
and flourish forever more
gagi     11/06/22


entering the peace zone
feeling the still
a quiet reminder
of that gentle infill
welcoming the space
of a place where we face
the wholeness of being
in the realms of simple grace
resting into
a welcomed-back-home
content in feeling
this familial zone
gagi    11/02/22