there comes a point
when our accumulation
of to-does, of thoughts, of stuff
has reached the point of enough!

take a step back
see the whole picture
is this the point of no return
to return to simplicity and freedom?

to awaken to pure beingness
the material world has no more attraction
busyness detracts from being able to relax
and the heart seeks to quiet the mind

peace and freedom and the ability to roam
in the beauty of nature and relationships
accumulate these treasures, experiential and real
and there we will feel our true wholeness

gagi     05/13/24

Tapestry of the Tree

Tapestry of the Tree

the tapestry woven
brown, black and golden
sturdy and strong
they unite and belong

the textures, the faces
the outer full of graces
is the trunk that is being
the guardian of within
holding the stillness and peace
and the flow with its ease
of communication with
all above and below

gagi     05/08/24

Happenstance IV

Happenstance IV

the word has appeared
recognized from before
and yes three poems are archived
now more to explore

on this desk rests a book that was written
The Synchronicity Key
the power of words
are they speaking to me?

to read or to have someone read to you
has always been a joy to behold
the sounds, expressions, the words
to listen to
open a doorway our lives’ library we hold

we travel to the beyond
we are always welcomed there
and the guidance offered
is divinely timed

what is the message, the coincidence
the happenstance
of this moment in time?
is it The Law of One?

gagi     05/07/24