Portal to Peace

Portal to Peace
the sentries are standing to hold open the door
a multi-dimensional access not open to us before
the research, the history that has been discovered
is giving us access to all as potentiality lovers
how to find peace, to have all conflict cease
how to care for all life and our planet
how to preserve and not waste,  ask questions, give space
to the inflow of multi-dimensional sharing
let us behold the new ways
find our path out of the maze
and become by being not doing
love is the key
what i do for you is also for me
we are one and the sum
of potentiality
gagi     03/27/23

The More

The More

we have never been here before
so we may ask
what more can we be doing
to achieve our dreams of peace

of balance, of happiness?

just look at those words
“what more can we be doing”
this is a time for being
being the very vision we hold
peaceful, balanced and happy

this can be a huge shift
a level of consciousness
that influences all our choices
a centering in the heart
and a quieting of the mind

the more we be
the more we become
there is a force of oneness
pray come be as one
and the wave we create
will eliminate
all that is out of integrity

gagi     03/23/23


there is an escalation in speed
the speed of coming together
the attraction a common goal
a goal for peace
an intent to release
all that no longer serves
we are determined
we have arrived at a critical junction
a choice point to survive and to thrive
we are returning to the hive
busy, working for the good of all
and enjoying the flowers
every day
gagi     03/23/23