A Single Drop

A Single Drop
a single
drop of water
as we are in the ocean of
infinite love with devotion
to the beauty of all life
let us be love
gagi    11/06/22


and the question can be asked
what is it we place before anything else?
can there be any other answer than
we are created by love
we are born into love
we are nurtured by love
the greatest gift we can give
is love
the blessings of awareness
we are unique particles in
the ocean of infinite love
as below, so above
as above, so below
whole, wholeness
as love
gagi     10/13/22

Day of the Sun

Day of the Sun
day of the Sun
honouring our star
taking us on a journey
honouring the Mar
the Mar
the ocean of infinite love
holds universes, galaxies
and all the above
let the Sun shine
feel the warmth and the love
even with cloud cover
Sun lights from above
and as we journey
from night into day
we are the ones who experience darkness
when we turn away
gagi     10/10/22