bracelet, anklet, even a ring
to be worn as a sparklet
a reminder
we are living as memes

imitations, juxtaposed behaviours
standardized no more
we are shedding past habits
renewed to the core

a sparklet reminds us
to be as we are
evolving into oneness
each a sparkle in the Mar

gagi     08/15/23
the Mar is defined as the ocean of infinite love

Seed of the Evermore

 Seeds of the Evermore

a personification
and one of the many
here to awaken
and be the antennae

receiving and exchanging
new codes with the stars
empowered to create
the new extension of the Mar

each a seed
set to grow to full potential
a tree of life extending
into the new dimensional

the season to grow
we are coming to know
seeds, water, star power
let us seed and sow
our intentions
our visions
our love

for evermore

gagi     07/21/23

Inner Space

Inner Space

that inner space
our personal domain
is losing its boundaries
it is a time to rename

to rename our presence
feeling into just who we are
we are including others in our wholeness
and as expanded aspects of the Mar

gagi     06/23/23
the Mar – ocean of infinite love