we have reached the tidal shore
at the mouth of the great river
all flowing into
the ocean
of infinite love
it has been of lifetimes’ learning
going with the flow
and always yearning
for the place
we know as home
a timeline
with many branches
destined to opportunities
for each experience that enhances
a fullness of what we carry forward
we have come from all directions
we have embodied to bring love forth
as we reach the estuary and the tideline
we empty out and we become
as the next wave
draws us into
the waters of the ocean
of infinite love
gagi     07/24/22

Waves of the Mar

Waves of the Mar
listen and feel
the waves are breathing us
steady, pulsating
for we’re on the cusp
surfing each wave
balancing our position
until the curve flattens out
to that point of transition
then we’re transported
back to ride the next wave
a pattern is emerging
to choose convex or concave
travel outward
travel inward
travel both as the wave
experiencing newness
as a wave will behave
gagi    06/10/22
the Mar is defined as the ocean of infinite love


the place of content
the sanctuary of the evermore
when life has been fully spent
that is where they went
a place of peace, of joy and harmony
an everlasting glory to be
judicious balance cascading throughout
and a placement of love is all about
quantumsized decorum
the presence of honorarium
into the new aquarium
in the presence of water
Zion is here and now
gagi     05/21/22
here there is a sense that now when we are immersed in water we float freely and experience the beauty of Zion