A Metaphor for Life

A Metaphor for Life
we have our patterns
we have our habits
we like to challenge ourselves
but there is movement
imagine swimming a set number
of lengths in a pool
and going for a time record
but unknown to you…
there is slow movement
the length of the pool can be changed
by sliding a divider to even
make 2 pools out of one
not looking up it takes a while
to recognize the game is up
you can’t win it
there is the gift
when movement creates change
we can change to acceptance
drop our personal goals
and simply enjoy
the fun of swimming
gagi     11/21/21

Word Games

Word Games
let us play a word game
to emphasize the differences
some that create blockages
some that lead to new doorways
loving   vs   fearing
congratulating   vs   finding faults
having fun !   vs   boredom
questioning to understand   vs   holding personal views
recognizing contributions   vs   mocking the other
being responsible  vs   blaming
listening.  vs   interrupting
speaking from the heart   vs.  swearing, sensationalizing
sharing visions of potential   vs   sharing stories of negativity
use of the word and   vs   use of the word but 
speaking up   vs   ignoring opportunity
laughter, engagement  vs   dormant, not participating
patience  vs  impatience
energetic, passionate   vs   low energy & emotion
to accept   vs   judging
inclusion of all  vs  separation
and the list goes on
even to the more obvious ones
calm   vs   anger
simple truth   vs   fudging
as we become more aware
and witness these energies
we are fine-tuning our fields
to resonate with our dreams
the potential that beckons
requires a rise in our frequencies
the key to the gateways
to the world of beyond
beyond the greatest of dreams
gagi     11/20/22


celebrate this life you’ve been given
celebrate every day you have risen
bask in the sun
chill in the waters
celebrate all of life’s gifts
as Earth’s sons and her daughters
celebrate the opportunities
that call for attention
to the smallest of things
give an honourable mention
choose to live life
thru the open loving space in your heart
from the day of your birth
to the day called to depart
live love as your choice
every day you restart
celebrate and rejoice
and give thanks
gagi     11/17/22