From the Heart

From the Heart
when we let the mind lead
so much can intercede
questions, comparisons
even to a western perspective
of someone american
the ego wants to reign
to control and refrain
from letting our feelings be real
wanting our sensory radar only to conceal
our very existence
when we lead from the heart
there are no distinctions
all are loved and acknowledged
there is a great inter-mixing
true to our oneness
the wholeness
of a humanity
gagi     08/12/22


spacial inequities
claim quantum interference
there is movement into balancing
seeking coherence
fragments of the old ways
clinging to other pieces
the power of the emergent new
allowing their releases
the wonder of the beauty here
as we open our eyes to see
we are changing our world in different ways
allowing all to be
the signitude of what will be
is from how we live each day
envisioning our bright new world
in all we think and say
gagi     07/28/22

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi
yes it is a city
but more known by the Eucharist
a Christian tradition, consecration
and a celebration of life
here but for a short time
here as a teacher
living by example
known as Christ
why have these words arrived today?
what lessons are we learning?
let not our great teachers be forgotten
for they have shown us the Way
gagi     07’27/22