Dear Cousin

Dear Cousin
dear cousin of mine
our journeys now shared
we didn’t realize
until compared
how similar we are
the challenges of motherhood
the never giving up
the determination to find the answers
the love – so much love
the surviving
the delight of rebellion
against the status quo
the creation of beauty
and watching it grow
the sense of adventure
the wanting to belong
the strength of composure
that quiet inner song
let us grow this connection
of family intertwined
and give thanks to generational
love that’s combined
gagi     04/25/23

Aspects of the Divine

Fragments of the Divine
it’s out there
it’s accessible
it’s liveable
it’s our calling
the great becoming
as aspects of God
the balanced masculine feminine
holders of the holy grail
infinite seeking
to belong
gagi     04/03/23


a title for a poem
to celebrate International Women’s Day
is an easy choice
let’s call it Joyce
Joyce represents love
and the feminine aspects
in caring for family
by nurturing from the heart
how she loved her family
and cherished each member
was the gift of her lifetime
and we will always remember
how it felt
thank you Joyce
even your name contains Joy
for thru love, joy and peace
our gratitude will never cease
as you live on in our hearts
gagi     03/09/23