Planetary Pilgrims

Planetary Pilgrims

we have often heard the delineation of
men are from Mars/women are from Venus
a metaphor for how we experience love

a metaphoric continuation with the purpose of
what the genders are seeking – why they both came to Earth
was it to give birth to the new humanity?

generational progress was necessary to transgress
the old ways where separation stayed
preventing unity and wholeness

we are entering the times when all will align
from heart of the Heavens to heart of the Earth
the flow is giving rise to the birth of
a new Humanity, a new planet Earth
products of Love

gagi     04/25/24



sisters, best friends
a relationship that sends
out a loving radiance

advice, encouragement
laughter and play
the deepest of sharing
in an understanding way

born of our parents
born from their love
we are growing their legacy
what we’ve all dreamed of
love, joy, peace and gratitude
so grateful

gagi     03/14/24

Change as an Art Form

Change as an Art Form

still unable to write
but at least to begin
the gift of the fevers
brought an enchanted vision

three nights in a row
in a blurred concept of time
the same vision appeared
of what was a popular past time

it felt like they were sisters
or sometimes like friends
sometimes with men
a gathering of artists

little tablets were painted
the size of recipe cards
a magical material
that almost painted itself

always there were flowers
simple scenes of such beauty
all represented change
perhaps season, perhaps colour

each scene was to represent
something very present
only to be replaced by the next artist
with a version after time was spent

a vision that arrived outside of time
always capturing the beauty of change
showing us change as an art form

gagi     01/04&05/01