Women – Behold

Women – Behold

capture the eloquence
of the women we behold
their beauty, their intelligence
the very lives they mould

speaking from their hearts
brave, courageous beings
championing for others
from their inner eyes they’re seeing

they see the truth
the consequences
the relationships
the scenes
and from their expressive hearts
they unveil their truth and the means

the means by which we can understand
the means by which to change
behold the women who are leading us
for birthing the new is not strange

gagi       10/09/20



the times are upon us
feel into their hue
activate the heart
in all that we do

measure the time waves
they’re changing right now
feel from that ultimate suspension
on the tree of life’s bough

one branch, one bough
as we spiral thru time
situate ourselves and
align with the tree’s spine

grounded and radiant
expansive and rooted
we feel the tree’s power
as we’re being regroup-ed

regrouped as particulate
embers of faith
our beliefs and our actions
define the human race

the cosmos is awaiting
observing just how
we will navigate thru time waves
for we’re steering the bow

empathize, be passionate
each has a part
be it protests or sainthood
we must make a new start

gagi      08/14/19 & 08/15/19

A Beckoning

A Beckoning

full Moon in her glory
shone thru the glass
i gazed up and saw her
and she removed her mask

for a moment we stared into
each other’s eyes
the intensity of the moment
was a total surprise

there was an exchange
as i was admiring her
but how would one know
what was next to occur?

returning to bed
closing eyes to then sleep
reflecting upon her many gifts
that we constantly reap

and then within moments
brilliant light did appear
third eye was opened
and vision was clear

spheres of light and of colour
came tumbling thru
you could see thru one to another
their blue-green tints many hues

a blending and a swirling
then a quieting down
what was delivered
disappeared with no sound

a magical moment
a beckoning of sorts
that third eye a doorway
to other realms’ cohorts

stillness and quiet
soon took me to sleep
the gratitude for Moon’s gift
is a treasure i’ll keep

gagi      10/25/18