Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies
to a child who loves cookies
the size matters
the bigger the better
yet there is always a limit
a child may learn to share
by sharing her cookies
a child may learn preferences
or what is too much, too sweet
monster cookies are not for monsters
but for those who feel size matters
cookie lessons are contained
in every morsel, in every bite
gagi     11/21/21

Child’s Play

Child’s Play
play with the children
come join in their world
what makes them happy
is contagious
playing with water
one of their favourite games
and they don’t even consider
its many forms all have names
to bathe/swim in the liquids
to have imaginary games
pouring water as tea
reality reframed
given an ice cube
fascinated how it melts
skating on a frozen puddle
and how its coldness is felt
then watching the vapour
they blow out on a cold day
or the steam drifting off
a hot mug enjoyed
as they play
the wonder
of everything
finding new ways
to experience
their world
wanting to play
gagi     11/09/22

Purchase Power

Purchase Power
here we have been
in the material world
now with growing awareness
the past has been twirled
and we see it differently
what has true value?
what do we cherish in life?
what do we choose to keep?
what do we give away?
it is a time of simplifying
sharing the abundance
gifting to others
keeping what’s treasured
like our sisters and brothers
our children, our loved ones
they make life complete
and how do we purchase
what we do not have?
what we are truly lacking
can seldom be bought
it is not about money
that’s an old belief
where we were caught
our purchase power
for that which we cherish
comes from the heart
and a love-enriched marriage
to life and to nature
to every living creature
and from
the creative force we all are
as we empower the Mar
the ocean of infinite love
gagi     11/03/22