Gift of a Life

Gift of a Life

the child
birthed as
a gift of creation
welcomed with love
a little teacher in right relation
with peace as they sleep
their joy as they awaken
growing into a lifetime
where time is then taken
to observe, learn and become
a gift to be shared

gagi     02/06/24



the laughter, the joy
can come bubbling forth
the energy is contagious
and it makes one feel like skipping

that child-like presence
so happy and free
no holding back
natural glee

gagi     11/05/23

Water Memories

Water Memories

there have been studies that show
water holds memory, information
and thru the work of Emoto
we find water holds emotions too

a candle was lit
a meditation-time practice
and a big early morning yawn
brought tears to the eyes

what followed next
was a gift from the meditative stillness
the reflection of that candle flame
thru barely an opening in the eye
expanded on the light in a totally new way

and then the question
is there a new way we pick up information
simply by receiving it thru water?
how is this information transmitted and stored?

maybe sight can be renamed
and the way sight works now be re-framed

and then the memory of a young child
who could see energy around people
the colour of their auras reflected some things
he explained in disbelief one Teacher had a black aura
and a little while later he got very excited
he could see energy even better
when swimming underwater

a what if moment
we believe and know that our eyes receive
the images we receive thru our sight are identified
what we see we believe

but thru our tear ducts our eyes
are constantly wetted
what if the water receives and stores
the information that’s vetted?

or maybe it’s the salt
that crystalline storage?
there is something in those tears
that affects our own moorage

what beliefs we are tied to?
and how can they be changed?

gagi     11/01/23