Child’s Play

Child’s Play
the promise of dawn
as a child awakens to play
so much to do again
sometimes in a new way
the child’s forgiveness
of what didn’t work
is naturally easy
and can be the next perk
tireless and relentless
to try something better
child’s play inspires
the playful go-getter
gagi     07/19/22

Each Human Life

Each Human Born
a precious life
a soul’s arrival
dependance seeking independence
an adventure’s beginning
potential unleashed
possibilities increased
nurtured with love
gagi     06/25/22


at the start of each day
where do we want to play?
opportunities for fun
as our day has begun
decide we can explore away
from playground to playground
wanting to be happy
asking others to join in the play
new ways to move and dance
actively throughout each day
let’s be child-like
gagi     05/25/22