Habitual Determination

Habitual Determination

from a very young age
we start to engage
with a determination to find
answers of every kind

the seeking is fun
imagination is at play
and the game we engaged in
could last out all day

gagi     06/08/24

The Sweetness of Endevour

The Sweetness of Endeavour

from now until forever
we enjoy the sweetness of endeavour
savouring each moment
feeling guidance from within

a natural sychnitude
where synchronicities abound
navigating our flow in life
matters not the surround

childhood, parenthood
many stages in life
we know from our beingness
what we do, how we are
what naturally feels good

to feel from within
to respond in all ways
endeavouring to honour
as our faces display
the gratitude, the love
the peacefulness, the joy
the screenplay of emotions
as we endeavour to return
to the very emotions
and way of life for which
we yearn

gagi     05/20/24

Love at First Sound

Love at First Sound

is it possible to experience love at first sound?
the neigh of a pony, a new song that is found
the sound of waves, blowing of dry leaves
bells in the distance, the chanting of prayers

not seeing where it comes from
yet that perfect vibration
is answered from within
with no hesitation

and yes it can be a voice
a mother’s voice baby hears
and the vibrational quality
that engages a heart as it mirrors
love and reciprocation

gagi     03/30/24