Planetary Pilgrims

Planetary Pilgrims

we have often heard the delineation of
men are from Mars/women are from Venus
a metaphor for how we experience love

a metaphoric continuation with the purpose of
what the genders are seeking – why they both came to Earth
was it to give birth to the new humanity?

generational progress was necessary to transgress
the old ways where separation stayed
preventing unity and wholeness

we are entering the times when all will align
from heart of the Heavens to heart of the Earth
the flow is giving rise to the birth of
a new Humanity, a new planet Earth
products of Love

gagi     04/25/24

Journey into Otherhood

Journey into Otherhood

from motherhood
from fatherhood
we enter into the otherhood

from the state of being
a mother or father
we restate ourselves as being
the other
another encompassing all

the state of being
masculine and feminine
student and teacher
leader and collaborator
a new state of wholeness

readied to step back and observe
or act from our knowingness reserve
able to love and preserve
for the greatest good as we serve
and able to lay rest
that which is no longer the best
as we co-create the new
from otherhood

gagi     08/26/23


or brothers-in-law
take an example
each loving husbands
attentive, often playful fathers
working hard to support and nurture their families
experts in their fields
and yet so different
one feeling his way
sensing from the gut
decisions made from the heart
emotional, Earth connected
home based
one the observer
analyzing, testing, playing with options, choosing
practical decisions based on experience
harder to read, much held within
has a universal playground
between them they hold the whole spectrum
the spectrum of living, of relationships
they have aspects of each other
and they contribute to the diversity of personal lives
living who they are
loving and giving
gagi     05/29/23