Danger Zones

Danger Zones
sometimes it is new
or a truth we undo
we are suddenly alert
and need to convert
from fear to curiousity
asking the questions
setting aside pre-conceptions
careful not to make stories
or assign categories
as we seek to understand
gagi     11/27/22

A Metaphor for Life

A Metaphor for Life
we have our patterns
we have our habits
we like to challenge ourselves
but there is movement
imagine swimming a set number
of lengths in a pool
and going for a time record
but unknown to you…
there is slow movement
the length of the pool can be changed
by sliding a divider to even
make 2 pools out of one
not looking up it takes a while
to recognize the game is up
you can’t win it
there is the gift
when movement creates change
we can change to acceptance
drop our personal goals
and simply enjoy
the fun of swimming
gagi     11/21/21

Into the Beyond

Into the Beyond
into the beyond
words asking for a definition
the answer came swiftly
into the field of potential
we sense it
we experience it
great change now surrounds us
what potential exists
as we create our new world?
what woke me this morning
was more than this phrase
it was an observation at dinner
on my way home
two men sat in friendly conversation
their sentences spiced
with occasional swear words
and a tendency to blame
it was my dreamtime
and the energies contained there
that woke me up
with the phrase into the beyond
what are the doorways
that invite us towards our potential?
what courage will it take
to change our very ways?
gagi     11/20/22