A Metaphor on Fear

A Metaphor on Fear
can we overcome fear?
from day-to-day living
it may be seldom experienced
and then
driving into town
late at night
there was a man standing on the meridian
next to my car stopped at a traffic light
he slowly walked closer to me
and something about him or me
came on as a strong fear
he wasn’t carrying anything
just a drink in one hand
i wanted to make sure my doors were locked
but knew they did so automatically
i felt frozen
and then our eyes locked
oh what his eyes revealed
a suffering, a need
a not wanting to ask
but a pleading look
and why could i not respond
in that instant there was a bond
and a sadness
on both parts
he could see the fear
and moved on
to a car that had pulled up behind me
and then the light changed
and i moved on
quite shaken by the experience
what was the sense that brought on my fear?
in the daylight i had often given food or cash
wanting to share with someone in need
did he look threatening, angry, unstable?
no, just vulnerable
how is it we communicate in an unspoken way?
what are our innate senses that guide us?
what is the loss when we don’t ask the questions?
what could i have done?
so it is now i ask “are you okay?”
and then go on to seek help and pray
pray for his safety, pray for his health
and pray for forgiveness
and the next day
it was all clear as day
a metaphor for the fear in our world
what screen and media exposure and past life events
stir within us and are held as cellular memory
and then
with a lack of communication
we act
we react
on a pre-cognitive emotion
without seeking understanding
gagi     08/02/22


our world is abuzz
with many a story
all trying to convince us
that they claim the glory
of knowing the truth
allowing others to influence us
is also a choice
when we claim our own perspective
then we can rejoice
it is our own truth
and with new proof
we can change it
gagi     07/26/22


we have reached the tidal shore
at the mouth of the great river
all flowing into
the ocean
of infinite love
it has been of lifetimes’ learning
going with the flow
and always yearning
for the place
we know as home
a timeline
with many branches
destined to opportunities
for each experience that enhances
a fullness of what we carry forward
we have come from all directions
we have embodied to bring love forth
as we reach the estuary and the tideline
we empty out and we become
as the next wave
draws us into
the waters of the ocean
of infinite love
gagi     07/24/22