The Dancer

The Dancer
the dancer awakens
from dreaming his dream
he has danced in the air
freedom his theme
the wind has carried him
with with rhythm and sound
his movement responded
he loves what he’s found
his partner still sleeps
her face expressive, serene
he pulls her close
and returns to where he has been
back to their oneness
to be held and let go
to be as one or as mirrors
they dance in the flow
gagi     03/25/23


the theory of nothingness
holds the absence of the concrete
then the appearance of a vision
puts us in creation’s seat
metaphorically it is like setting a table
we start with emptiness
nothing there
a clean slate
and then comes the team
some are the visionaries
some are the suppliers
some carry and set
some are the inviters
some bring the food
some carry away
some choose the music
some time how it is played
each has a specialty
each knows what to do
combining their strengths
they’ve arrived right on cue
from nothing to the emergence
of movement and action
one vision calling in
thru the law of attraction
a team of specialists
their specialties unite
and the vision achieves
the flow from nothing to everything
and might
even take form
gagi     03/24/23

Energetic Signature

Energetic Signature
the words singular and oneness
come from different streams
singular is what is seen, touched, counted
a pencil, a tree
or a forest made up of many singular trees
oneness is energetic
to see a tree is different
than putting our arms around a tree
and feeling its energetic beingness
a whole forest is so much more than what we see
it has a whole bloom of energetic presence
different than how we feel in grasslands
or in the desert
each has its own energetic signature
as we feel and acknowledge their presence
our energies merge
into a greater oneness
we too have an energetic signature
it cannot be copied
just practiced
gagi     03/11/23