Mermaid Memories

Mermaid Memories

the joy of being a mermaid
swimming down, down, down
and touching the bottom

quick flips of the tail
propelled quickly upwards
breaking the surface
straight into the air

crashing down
and simply floating

a metaphor perhaps
energetically touching the heart of the Earth
propelled with her energies to the heavens above
then simply floating
living on the horizon
that space in between

gagi     09/12/23

The Wallet is Opened

The Wallet is Opened

a wallet was found
it looked very new
perhaps it was dropped
maybe inside there’s a clue

we opened the wallet
and found it was full
it belonged to humanity
and there was a pull

a pull on our hearts
what could we feel?
perhaps it represented
paying for everyone’s next meal

the symbolism held
before the wallet disappeared
was profound with its message
in a new direction we were steered

the abundance is here
communication is all around
let us share all that we have
love and joy will abound

a peaceful presence will arrive
humanity will thrive
a dream vision united
with possibilities

gagi     09/04/23



it was almost closing time
there were only two other customers in the store
they were very intent on choosing their purchase
three items lay on the counter at checkout
was so tired
ready to go home

the two children came to pay for their purchase
given their amount the sister laid out all their coins
a handful of nickels and dimes were spread out before her
waiting, watching
there was an intensity, an anxiety
did they have enough?

the cashier counted it all out and said
5 more cents
the sister looked helpless
and a very simple offering
here, here is 5 cents
was met with a relieved
oh thank you!

little brother stood by not understanding
but trusting
they left the store as the few items on the counter were gathered up
they had waited outside
 the young girl stepped up and again said, thank you so much!
the reply was, you are welcome, have walked in your shoes before

little brother was struggling to open their pack of gum
not understanding but trusting
then it occurred, was a pack of gum when at their age
not just 5 cents? 

gagi     07/29/23