it is time to be pragmatic
about the state of the Earth
climate change is felt now
throughout her length and her girth
experiential awakening
to extremes not felt before
changes seen in climatatology
are reaching to the ocean’s floor
this realistic knowingness
is birthing an action response
we shift to address a state of survival
by creating a brand-new renaissance
gagi     05/10/23



let us acknowledge and give thanks
to those thru the ages
who have dedicated themselves
to studying the stages
of how it all works
collaboration to define
the theory of everything
simple yet applicable
to answer all questions
it has become explicable
we are in a celebratory moment
a marker of time in no time
when is something
 no longer a theory?
gagi     03/28/23
to the work of Nassim Haramein, Gregg Braden 
and many others, we give thanks


do we still postulate
or do we now know?
what we have assumed before
science now is changing
changing the status quo
research is proving
concepts we used to project
experimental testing shows
what is true or incorrect
quantum entanglement
is a field of recent study
Nobel Prize worthy
old beliefs relegated
to that place called fuddy duddy
gagi     02/10/23
status quo…existing state of understanding
fuddy duddy…old-fashioned