The Impatience of Order

The Impatience of Order
the here and the now
we have arrived here somehow
the entanglement unthreaded
readied to be insteaded
the chambers of want
that used to internally haunt
are exposed to be present
for what they were meant
quantum inflection
steadied to reorganize
a total resurrection
the new order has waited
now alignment has clicked
the passion of impatience
has arrived and persists
gagi      05/09/22
poly – the presence of more than one or many
note difference between magna and magnon…
magnanimous – generous, forgiving – great soul, strength
magnon – from Wikipedia – a magnon is a quasiparticle, a collective excitation of the electrons’ spin structure in a crystal lattice. In the equivalent wave picture of quantum mechanics, a magnon can be viewed as a quantized spin wave & see more around condensed matter physics 
magnonimus – many particles in a quantized spin wave

Cellular Dynasty

Cellular Dynasty
the heart and the dynasty
of every living cell
is the peripheral ensphering
where within the cell does dwell
information penetration
connecting to other cells
wanting acknowledgement
that they are doing well
talking to our bodies
celebrating their every feat
loving each cell with gratitude
and every day we repeat
the miracle of transformation
gagi     04/27/22


the presence of blockages
deep in the soul
clearing, dissolving
must be everyone’s goal
humanity’s oneness
allows all to exist
those who can do the work
let’s all life persist
we are in the same place
in our protonic existence
but neutronic differences
allow for isotopic persistence
being the isotopes
some have the power to dissolve
the blockages that are preventing us
to continue to evolve
seeking the roots
of the suffering within
nurturing back to alignment
we will return to begin
gagi     10/29/21