Gift of a Life

Gift of a Life

the child
birthed as
a gift of creation
welcomed with love
a little teacher in right relation
with peace as they sleep
their joy as they awaken
growing into a lifetime
where time is then taken
to observe, learn and become
a gift to be shared

gagi     02/06/24



this word appeared
with a message contained
what is it about iron?
are we part of the same?

we are partly made of iron
it flows in our blood
it is in the haemoglobin
the carrier of

iron’s atoms are aligned and spin
in the same direction
we are therefore sensitive to magnetics
it seems to affect our alignments

with the Sun and the Earth’s
cyclical magnetic polar field reversals
how will this affect us?
can the evidence of the past
serve as a valuable rehearsal?
what will be the new alignments
of All?

gagi     01/25/24

The Addendum

The Addendum – written this morning & re-read now before sharing….

This is an addendum written to the vision received and the message it contains is what we will weave into our becoming…in order to receive, we must trust and believe we are all connected…we are in this together and always have been…we are elements of creation and our own participation in creating the New is to bring our own gifts, gifts to be given to the new matrix…

from a place of quietude and simplitude we can journey within, deeply within, to find that place of knowing that nothingness, that emptiness, is where to begin, allowing the seeds to be planted there where they will sprout and then thrive … our loving observance is how we together can drive our intention to become what has never been done before…

thru our experiential lifetimes we have gathered and stored the gems, the seeds for the planting of the new garden that will become an oasis where others may go and simply grow…grow the love, grow the beauty…each knowing that this is their sacred duty… living in service to what may be called the Greatest Love of All…

we have arrived…we are here now…everything that is out of integrity is now exposed, is collapsing…untruths no longer have any support for they are seen for what they are…

it is the power of love that has now fully arrived…and is recognized as a power that has no equal…it cannot be destroyed…it cannot be faked…it is transformative…it is what we are made of…pure love…

old sufferings, old times of being trapped by control prisons, old times of being challenged beyond our abilities…all unlocked…all are released into freedom…

forgiveness surpassed…as a wise sage once shared…we would not have to forgive if we didn’t judge first…we cannot know another’s journey or why they have done what they chose to do…now as all are released into freedom…we have entered the kingdom of love…

all those doorways, all those labels of separation…physical ability, beliefs, age, religions, gender, ancestry, language, education, career, geographical location, material wealth, social status…all have arrived us into Oneness…there are no more doorways…we are Here Now…

let us begin to see this potential…

a vision of all previous places of worship becoming like hospitals/healing and transformational galleries for anyone to gather, to encircle each “seeker” and to focus our love…clearing past traumas…physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…traumas of our soul’s journey…a beautiful deliverance, where one can be repositioned to now be who they are…each a bright star shining their light…

this passion and joy will reach and pervade all spaces, all senses, all means of communication…we will be gifted opportunities to specialize in the transformation of not only health but of education, environment, governance, economics, relations, science, arts, media, justice, spirituality, and something simply called New…(the 12 aspects of our lives as shared by the teachings of personal mentor Barbara Marx Hubbard in her wheel of co-creation)…

consider rewording these 12 aspects of our lives and the opportunities the new wording presents for change…

New…                  about Structure
Justice…            about Harmony
Media…              about Communication
Relations…       about Collaboration
Science…          about Metaphysics
Arts…                  about Inspiration
Economics…    about Sharing
Education…      being Unlimited
Environment… about Cohabitation
Governance…  being Circular
Health…              about Body/Mind/Spirit/Emotion
Spirituality…     about Alignment

feeling into these opportunities we can ask what are our gifts? where can we contribute?….an example may be how have we learnt to come into alignment…what is our spiritual practice? or what is our specialty in the area of environment…what agricultural practices are we excited to share…

this is all about being aware and yes there will be more…

shared with love & blessings

gagi     01/13/24