if ever your world turns upside down
just pray it continues to go round and round
the comfort of feeling each night become day
will bring back some balance and ability to play
in a new environment
full of new discoveries
new ways to augment
all that’s present
and asking
what has this change meant?
a new directional flow?
it offers choices in where you now want go
gagi     06/05/23


there is a continuation of experiential life
that stream that carries us from the day we’re born
we are the receivers who play in this flow
with its beauty and gift to simply inform
and then we know
and then we grow
in awareness
gagi     06/05/23

Inner Wall

Inner Wall
the inner wall can’t be climbed
it was built there for protection
now fear has gone
it doesn’t belong
time for a quick dismantle
gagi     06/01/23