Caricature II

Caricature II

the amusement of realizing
who we have been
is a great example
of how we are seen

seen by ourselves
seen by others
dive into this image
and what it uncovers

a thought
a perspective
often painted by others
who we truly are
if we had our druthers
is a being of love
free to love
free to be
to be me
and we
as love

gagi     01/15/22

How to Spell

How to Spell

how to spell?
at school i did well
now times have changed
and words rearranged

thru the ages
& progressive stages
we’ve simplified
new rules applied

it’s become a skill
to abbreviate until
there’s little left
or right

when we text
it’s the context
symbol or word
it is still heard

meaning conveyed
misspelled or played?
threw out a rule
it’s a new school

gagi     TBL   04/16/14

To Be Love

To Be Love

The magic of being
is not just what we’re seeing
It’s a knowing thru senses
A lightness not denseness

Be it light or a liquid
or a gel without thickness
the medium of love
stretches below and above

It’s in front and in back
to the sides and in fact
Love encompasses all
and truly is what we call


It is love that heals
It is love that reveals
why we are here
To be love we must clear

Clear the hurts of the past
Release them at last
and no longer judge others
or compete with our brothers

To be love we must be
Simply be – yes be free
Free to connect,
to expand, to intersect


With our loved ones and our guides
With our teachers on both sides
With enlightened beings that were here
With star beings that are there

It is love
To be love
Where we’re connected to all
To float free or free fall

Thru the expanses
Join the heavenly dances
and be
Be love

It’s a glance. It’s a game
Hide and seek is the same
When love is sought it’s invisible
To be love is non-divisible

It is One
It simply is
A gift that was His
when He expanded to be


you and me
are free

To be is to be
to be one with a bee
one with all that we see
To Be Love

gagi      01/20/14