He Knew

He Knew

in observance of this dear man
often unable to walk or stand
one who that day spoke to us
in a quiet voice that broke our hush
with his depth of understanding

he could feel their pain
their sadness too
the very emotions
he intimately knew
he recognized who they are

having not seen them, his father’s close friends
for many years thru which they’d all shed tears
missing the one they loved so much
now finding comfort being back in touch
and sharing those honoured memories

observing how he listened in
and then he too began to spin
the fun, the laughter of so many memories
exaggerations were added to their very ceremonies
of bringing the departed one into full presence

he witnessed the tears of his Dad’s dear friends
who had travelled there especially to visit him
he witnessed they were together in their suffering
and how coming together they moved into the othering
the other way was by celebrating and sharing
and the beautiful, long eye contact he held
simply showed he knew

they had tied a knot with their common threads
and their loving presence has been spread
into the beyond

gagi      06/15/24