Soul Mates

Soul Mates

…and as we are as soul mates, twin flames in our oneness we are also the aspects of stillness and of movement, of quiet and of exuberance, of emptiness and of full wholeness, of the observer and the perturber, of the ancient and of the new, of the here encompassing everything as aspects of our Creator and as the now being co-creators of a new world order and a new humanity…and so it is, hers and his, of Mother Earth, Father Sky, blessed be

gagi     01/17/22

Einstein II

Einstein II

you suggested we meet again – i am here to converse

thank you – i believe you have a question?

yes – really part of what i woke up with – from your perspective,  from where you are, how can we stay in alignment with the flow of energies from Mother Earth to Father Sky? from where we are grounded and fed to where we merge with the sacred, the divine presence?

i understand your concern and your curiousity – it is possible to live totally in connection with both – to feel the joy and expression of being alive – life is movement and by paying attention especially to your thoughts and staying in the present, living from moment to moment, your are allowing the natural flow – it is the flow, the movement, that feeds both and flow ignites creativity – the stimulus of connecting into the flow is very powerful and is expanded exponentially by coming together with others of similar vibrational resonance or frequency 

thank you – we are experiencing that – also finding we are triggering the emotional trauma buried from the past – we are actually helping each other recognize and release these cellular memories – still there seems to lurk an interfering presence – something that wants to distort or even blame us for doing harm… harm that is not our doing – how do we handle these people or groups?

you handle that by standing in your truth – by living from the heart and having an intention to live a life of love, joy, peace and service, you are actually immune to their efforts – you do not need to engage – seal yourselves off and don’t feed their stories – if others choose to believe, join or follow these stories that is their karma and theirs alone to deal with – they have the opportunity to question and explore the truth many times on their soul journeys

yes and yet it is so hard to witness how this affects others, others who are vulnerable

again, we are speaking of soul journeys – when you have the opportunity to communicate in gentle, calm and compassionate ways, it will be a matter of balance – those who choose to distort the truth are only faking their love and concern when they try to convince others of their version of circumstances and history – remember you are in times where anything out of integrity is collapsing – all you can do is observe, witness, allow, accept, let go… and pray for them

powerful – yes and an amazing exercise in patience – by surrendering to the natural flow, everything feels easy and the speed has been incredible – there seems to be an increasing ability to find clarity and understanding and then something changes and it is like beginning all over again! what are the symptoms of when we are off track?

look at your eyes, your facial expression, how you are breathing, your energy level, your body sensations – you will simply know and by getting in the habit of questioning, asking why, you take responsibility for yourself, your journey and your contribution to the emergence of the new – it is very important to be in nature, to find refuge in stillness and quiet and to simply live in gratitude for your lives and the opportunities granted

para Adonai
until we meet again

gagi       09/11/21



we cannot do it from here

but maybe you can – perhaps i can write for you

let us try

do you have a question – something you would like to say?

i do – the world we have created is not sustainable – you are heading on a collision course with natural consequences – you MUST take this seriously! education is too slow – use recognition – recognition is a reward to our social species – recognize those who are going above and beyond what is needed immediately – empower them to set the new standards – give them huge recognition – it will drive the markets in their direction 

critique and describe what represents high moral standards and create personal testing devices to raise awareness

identify who you would build a team with – ask why for each member – again list those qualities and start recruiting

DO NOT support businesses and products that are out of integrity with the path you must take – no exceptions!

ask the children and youth for their perspectives every opportunity you get – do the same with community elders and the indigenous peoples

spend time every day honouring nature

spend time every night honouring the planets and stars

get plenty of rest and when awake make good use of your time

exercise and healthy nutrition will give you the stamina and strength needed to do this work

don’t ever forget to ask for help – help from all dimensions

and know you are loved!

how did we do?

let us meet again!

gagi     08/27/21