positioning ourselves
to appeal to both sides
eliminates conflict
so each side can abide
by sharing common values
finding the point
where all can come to agreement
is critical in negotiations
and negating concealment
of hidden agendas
purposeful tidings come from within
always by seeking the place of win-win
measurements of progress soon become clear
when an awareness of being able to agree
begins to appear
gagi     11/14/22

Child’s Play

Child’s Play
play with the children
come join in their world
what makes them happy
is contagious
playing with water
one of their favourite games
and they don’t even consider
its many forms all have names
to bathe/swim in the liquids
to have imaginary games
pouring water as tea
reality reframed
given an ice cube
fascinated how it melts
skating on a frozen puddle
and how its coldness is felt
then watching the vapour
they blow out on a cold day
or the steam drifting off
a hot mug enjoyed
as they play
the wonder
of everything
finding new ways
to experience
their world
wanting to play
gagi     11/09/22


awakening the third eye
to scan and see the whole
imagery and colours
speak to our very soul
gagi     10/25/22