Emotional Bifurcation II

Emotional Bifurcation

stop, listen and define
what emotion is now thine?
how did it get there
and what does it define?

it may not be what we figured
for other emotions can be triggered
each emotion has a message
that’s where a branching occurs

our emotions have been so helpful
as they defined who we were
they identified then branched to question
who? how? why? what? where? when?
and the answers would depend
on were we building a story
or seeking to understand?

gagi     01/04/20 & 06/17/24

Coming Home II

Coming Home

coming home
home alone
to a place of care
and of being aware
we are never alone
we are not the person
we are Love
simple modification
a version of
Great Spirit

gagi      06/12/24

Weaver of Time

Weaver of Time

a weaver of time
has emptiness as their playground
a playground that is empty but it can hold sound
the weavers observe, anchor and link new threads
with energetic resonance and playfulness it spreads

thru instinct and wisdom
the time weaver connects
creating structure and communication
communication that protects
our experience of time

gagi     06/01/24