awakening to sound
the breathing of nature
the bubbling of a stream
the chorus of birds, joyous
as they greet this new day
a chirp
then a whole symphony
sound etched
on a canvas of stillness
and the pervasive beyond
i too am awake
i too am alive
here to listen and see
blessed be
gagi     02/17/23

Temperance II

Temperance II
individuated to excel
compounded royale
marked for succession
into the more
temperance has no place
when living with grace
for to show self-restraint
there would be a complaint
we must live life to its fullest
full of love
full of generosity
full of compassion and kindness
living mindfully
connected to all
no holding back
all senses intact
intentional living
it is all in the giving
and the sharing
with love
gagi     02/13/23

Candle Lesson – Live Longer

Candle Lesson – Live Longer
take a piece of dripped-off wax
and hold it to the candle’s flame
let it drip into the well
of melted wax and gain
gain on flame’s burning time
for the flame will now burn lower
a life now lived longer
conserving energy by going slower
candle is teaching us
awareness the bestower
gagi     02/12/23