be it simple or profound
experiential or inbound
like degrees of the formation of sound
we notice similarities
based on recognized markers
or familiarities
no need to compare
but simply notice what’s there
present or incoming
part of the becoming
one star in the night
shining our love and our light
forever more
gagi     11/27/22

The Concept of Love

The Concept of Love
love is our reality
love is our abundance
love exists as it is
with no separation or redundance
we are born into love
activated heart to heart
ours to nurture and grow
from that first divine spark
no need to define
knowing its very presence is healing
love knows how to flow to where there is lack
for love communicates thru feeling
gagi     11/26/22


step out of space
empty the carrier
listen to the surround sound
dissolve any barrier
engage the timelines
travel to the future
allowing dream visions
to be our creative tutor
what we can dream
becomes our reality
once we believe
in the vision’s totality
a dream vision’s own wholeness
reframes our reality
with its diversity, abundance
held in its plurality
gagi     11/26/22