Cosmic Humour

Cosmic Humour
as we learn to align
as we ask and receive
there is often a vibration
sent to relieve
the seriousness of our work
we can hear the laughter
and know it’s about to arrive
a synchronicity or vision
that all comes alive
and we know
that sense of relief
that inner smile
of course our work is important
and every once in a while
it just isn’t
gagi     03/28/23



let us acknowledge and give thanks
to those thru the ages
who have dedicated themselves
to studying the stages
of how it all works
collaboration to define
the theory of everything
simple yet applicable
to answer all questions
it has become explicable
we are in a celebratory moment
a marker of time in no time
when is something
 no longer a theory?
gagi     03/28/23
to the work of Nassim Haramein, Gregg Braden 
and many others, we give thanks

Science Marries Spirituality

Science Marries Spirituality
we have arrived into understanding
what has been hidden before
the science is proving
others have been here before
and humanity has the opportunity
to respond in a new way
our emotions, our abilities
are to show us The Way
to our full potential
we have been attracted back
into a spiritual seeking
to define who we are
divinity can be defined as
the ability to transcend
the limitations of what
we have previously thought
as the truth
gagi     03/27/23
in gratitude to the work of Gregg Braden & Nassim Haramein