A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart
is where to start
in the newness of each day

With peace within
you can begin
to open to what presents

To observe and feel
It’s like a meal
All the senses come to play

Breathe as you feel
and it will reveal
the expanse of inner space

gagi     06/23/11

On This One

On This One

Peace and fulfilment
then we will be content
When do we arrive?
How do we get there?

Spin the web
Enough is said
We know our places
on this one

Embark – yes go
Be in the flow
We’re to be carried thru
on this one

What we seek
to be complete
is fragile
yet attainable

Let go of thought
or we’ll be caught
in a cycle back
thru time

Go first to the heart.
It’s where to start
and feel our way
on this one

We’ve learnt to feel
and not to conceal
as they surface

And as we’ve felt
as a stoic Celt
or an effervescent
Tibetan –

We’ve felt it all
and the new call
is to feel our way
before we say
or think
or act
too quickly

What you feel
please don’t repeal
Feel then ask
what is it?

The answer comes true
and is linked to you
and your wisdom from
the ages

The wisdom we carry
is stored to be accessed
And the key to access it
is a feeling in transit

The wisdom will surface
and that is the purpose
of having experienced

Pulled to the poles,
flipped by the contrasts
mirrored by opposites
been there
done that
seen it

We won’t remember what’s said
but we’ll remember the dread
We won’t remember the details
but we’ll retain how it all feels
We’ll remember the highs
We’ll remember the lows
Its how the wisdom is stored
and the answers explored

Ask for access to this treasure
Its value is truly beyond measure
What lesson was learned
from that feeling discerned?

The answer to this one
is the thread that can be spun
into a vision
into a mission

The wisdom acquired
will leave us inspired
fuelling our passion
and leading to action

And action and doing
it is the clueing
the clue to creation
and true emancipation

Step up and do
You are one of the few
who have readied themselves
for the new

Source from the heart
That’s where to start
Feel it
then link it
to the wisdom accessible
Let the wisdom then guide to
right action or actions divisible

Our actions will accumulate
Our doings will orchestrate
a magnificent blending
a beginning not ending

The time is upon you
The curtain call is your cue
The old play has ended
The new theatre is splendid

You are assigned your parts
No rehearsal is needed
Step into your role
the one that you seeded
Great Spirit as director
but we’re all the playwrights

Create and live through it
Have passion, yes, imbue it
Lead with the heart,
the heart in every part

Fill the stage with our numbers
Fill the theatre with Light
Oh sing with our hearts
On this one


Ask not “what do you think?”
Ask “how did that make you feel?”
“What did you feel?”
That will reveal
access to wisdom

gagi   TBL

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gagi      TBL