Responsibility and Deliverance

Responsibility and Deliverance

we are all responsible
for the world we have created
and without a conductor
what have we orchestrated?

whether playing a solo
or influenced by our sections
the music we play
has fractional dimensions

and to the one who is listening
it doesn’t make sense
there is little harmony
and the energy is dense

to bring in the awareness
there is a conductor
and if we acknowledged her
she could be our instructor

the Earth we live upon
known as Gaia to many
is our common ground
and the land of plenty

she is a living being
and has her own vibration
she is the conductor of life
central to our lives’ creation

time to listen
and honour what we’ve ignored
and the bringing into balance
will be the end reward

to achieve now peace and harmony
to honour the diversity of life
we must now come together
not as past destructors who caused strife

this is the opportunity
to witness and listen in
our conductor has the experience
let the harmonizing now begin

gagi       12/04/18

inspired by the AVAAZ 12/03/18 campaign to support the opportunity to protect our climate at the UN summit next week in Poland. “The world’s leading climate scientists just warned we have only 12 years left to avoid climate catastrophe — 12 years!! “