Flames But No Embers

Flames But No Embers

Quantum alignment enters the field. We are not responsible for this emergence as it is pre-determined infinitely. Spacial awareness (that term again), enables all participating to define their position in relation to others. All hold points on the perimeter of what has been and enable the expansion as it is readied. There is constant movement and yet the position points remain steady. The distance between the points expands and the connective tension redefines the speed of communication and the importance of dedicated participation.

Eons in time frequent the journals of readiness. This is an expression of benevolent continuation. Quagmires dissolved as the refinement evolves. Copious deliveries of creative indulgences designed to be the betterment of pre-existing expressions. Fanfare energizes the process as the medium encourages collaborative design. The matrix of time ensconced in the determination of outcome. And the journey continues.

Quantum bifurcation is a trilogy. Above, within, below. In front, within, behind. Beside, within, other side. Within, within, within. Casual observation of this does not divide, it sees the relationship.

We as the singular defines our coherence. We as the plural invites in our uniqueness. As practitioners of emergence, enhancing, growing the love and the beauty – let us once again celebrate our chosen sacred duty and blessed be.

gagi      18/08/18