let us explore that quality of patience
is there a reason to bring it to the front?
sometimes it is worthwhile to view when it is absent
then feel into why patience is so much a part of our hunt

we hunt for acceptance
acceptance non proviso
when we are treated with impatience
we don’t know where we stand

when we are pushed to respond
we often leave our thought process
and act without reason
or guidance of the heart

we enter a time zone
that is out of our synchrony
we lose our connection
that informs we are as one

we can reach such instability
we question our ability
and oft must remove ourselves
in order to move on

patience is a virtue
one to consciously practice
patience offers encouragement
love, acceptance and support

a tool to come together
exploring thru curiosity
how can we help others
to discover their gifts?

the quality of patience
means being there for another
as we witness their becoming
into knowing who they are

gagi      12/13/18