17 Questions To Be Asked

17  Questions To Be Asked  (playing with the now)
1.   who am i?
2.   what are my patterns?
3.   what do i want to do to maintain/enhance my good health? what am i      doing now?
4.   who do i love and why? who loves me and why?
5.   how long will i live?
6.   how do i want to live those years?
7.   what feels unfinished in my life? what can i finish? are these things important and why?
8.   who are my closest friends and why? 
9.   what do i like to do for fun? am i doing this?
10. what are my divine power dreams? ie. bi-location, ability to instantly heal, being a super-star at something i love to do just because – am i building on these dreams? if not why not? what are my beliefs?
11. what am i holding back from doing and why?
12. who are my champions – who supports me and why?
13. do i have disappointments and if so why?
14. do i have any fears and if so what are they?
15. what do i find hard to do, to say, to hear, to feel, to be and why?
16. can i be happy on my own? do i feel independent, co-dependent, interdependent? … are we ever alone?  
17. what is love?
gagi    10/ 13/ 21