Affinity to Love

Affinity to Love

humanity’s greatest gift
and indeed that of life
is it’s affinity to love

precious is this gift
and do not dismiss
it’s potential

given any difficult question
given any crisis that arises
always the solution
always the answer
the answer is love

is it possible that
this is so simple?
can we conquer our fears
our disparities
with love?

yes, we are told
and the way shower bold
invites all to try
for the simple reason
this is our destiny

and this is the time
with a plethora of information
scientific discoveries
engineering feats
nothing has meaning
if it is not built with love

precious is life
and honouring life
is our inheritance

as we navigate
the between times
let us do it together
united in our common purpose
empowered by our shared fuel
fueled by love

may we swiftly unite
strengthened and focussed
may we overcome our fears
and create our destiny
a destiny we design
a place of beauty and peace
with the warmth and ease
of love

gagi      08/30/17