From the Balcony

the view from the balcony
as the unrest persists
gives rise to a quagmire
does a solution exist?

watching two people
whose dear friend has just died
they have so much in common
can their emotions subside?

from one there is hatred
resentment, denial
the other is numbed
the whole world feels defiled

oh to capture the essence
of a love that’s perpetual
and grow it beyond
beyond reacting to the perceptual

with our senses attuned
our awareness is heightened
and there is a yearning to live
in the realms of the enlightened

there is a warning to heed
what is our ability to interpret?
do we have the ability to paint
and redesign our self-portrait?

from senses to the brain?
or senses to the heart?
detached from, on the balcony
we observe, feel into and restart

who are the actors
and do we not all play a part?

gagi     05/24/19