The Voice

The Voice

just like free will
we are given a voice
versatile ways to use it
we always have a choice

expressing our emotions
communicating our thoughts
singing a song
or like a bird we can mock

we can adapt the speed and volume
we know how to pause
we are aware of the impact on others
that our voice use can cause

we have many languages and dialects
each voice is unique
as we listen to other voices
what is it we seek?

understanding, compassion
inspiration and truth
shared knowledge, information
we’re always the sleuth

now there is a question
and will ask if we may
what of that inner voice?
do we hold it at bay?

that inner voice, intuition
that voice from the heart
our trusted navigation
from our journey’s very start

taking time to listen
to question and hold
connects us to a greater voice
that is powerful and bold

the voice of the multitudes
connected to our source
compassionate expressions
as we navigate life’s course

a word of comfort, encouragement
understanding and love
voicing from a place of wholeness
our wholeness is love

gagi     04/26/20