Segue II

Segue II

enter this state
aligned with the Moon
transitional times
are here and soon

soon the revelation
of an accordioned pack
that will stretch out to reveal
there is no going back

once folded and hidden
like a map in a car
when it’s time for directions
it is spread out to see
to see where we are

fashioned as abstract
seen as concrete
here shows a map
it is now we will leap

an uninterrupted journey ahead
and the map of our future
shows as it’s spread
a transformational curve

when folded impassable
now we are given
a way to move onward
and it’s our decision

this segue is easy
smoothed out to receive
the multitudes now readied
to become what’s believed

magical timing
situational strength
and a yearning to travel
the curvature’s length

the beholden so grateful
for the opportunity given
to be who we are
and make our decision

gagi     05/01/20