What is the quest?
What are the choices?
What is best?
Can you hear the voices?

Capture only
what rings true
Allow only the best
to give guidance to you

Marry the joyous and the somber too
Merry the dance and the quietude
Carry the visions that you hold dear
Empty yourself of that cellular fear

What you’re seeking that’s most important to you
is the best
The purpose of this journey – what was your request?

I came here to be
to feel and see
I came here to love
and to live and be free

I came here quite simply
just to be me
and i want to be the best,
the best i can be

I want to be connected
to my wisdom and spirit
to my divine guidance
and always to hear it

A flurry of doubts
can bury me if
i step into the storm
and get lost in the drift

I’m learning to stay centred
in the heart not the mind
and do my seeking by feeling
so the best i can find

And remembering to play
at the start of each day
to be loving and happy
in a child-like way

Only i can choose
what’s best for me, i know
I’ll share me with you
as i’m melting the snow

gagi    TBL