so many words
an abundance of words
given to define
in our experience of abundance
so much can be taken for granted
the air we breath
the food we eat
the water we drink
the good health we enjoy
the beauty that surrounds us
the safety of our homes and communities
the remuneration we receive in exchange for our work
the presence of family and friends
let us be thankful
in the material sense of abundance
all that we own
all we have saved,  stored
all the gifts that we could give
all we do not use
how much is too much?
what can be shared or gifted
in the spirit of oneness?
in the personal sense of abundance
all that we are
all we have experienced
all we have learned
all the skills we have honed
what can be shared?
what can be offered?
in the spirit of oneness
is it not abundantly clear
we hold the answers
to eliminating suffering
to eliminating poverty
to eliminating loneliness
to helping each other
in the spirit of oneness
with the understanding
i am another you
let us bring balance
into the lives of all
by sharing our abundance
gagi     03/23/22