Game of Survival

Game of Survival
a game of survival
sometimes called the game of life
let’s not say there are rules
as old rules are obsolete
let us identify strategies
and play
number one, yes this is it
have fun
gather a few to play
choose a target
something seemingly impossible is best
let our creative juices flow
and before you know
new solutions will alter the
future outcomes
number two
sit in circle
leadership can rotate
change with each game
the experiences gifted
will show us who to name
number three
no more judgement
to be free to create
opinions are checked at the door
let us be child-like
and free to explore
we have our connections
let us begin this today
open to guidance from practices
as we practice, meditate and pray
welcoming in all to
this game we now play
tag! you’re it!
gagi   10/27/22