A Call to Action

A Call to Action

A call to action
The trumpets have blown
We’ve envisioned the future
Back to present we’ve flown

Holding this vision
this excitement within
Time to take action
Time to begin

Map out the sequence
from the end back to now
Draw out our networks
for they will show how

Each network’s a pathway
The high way to a goal
The people, the systems
all holding Creation’s bowl

Connect to the networks
Be the spark, start the flow
then nurture and guide it
and in our hearts feel the glow

For we each carry a part of
Creation’s seed deep inside
Our Entelechies remind us
Take action – coincide

They are here to be with us
with absolute love and support
Gentle, encouraging
our angelic cohorts

We’re BEing together
We’ve gathered to bring
Our dreams for a future
where all joyously sing

gagi      10/02/13